“Telehealth Is Here to Stay” Says Tampa’s Top Healthcare Technology Executives

More than 50 industry professionals attended the Ggp & CO panel, Investing in Digital Health, and heard from executives from Tampa General Hospital, GeniusRx, Aspen RxHealth and Ggp & CO as they provided valuable insights into a variety of trending topics in digital heath and healthcare technology investing.

Ggp & CO brought together Tampa’s leading digital health investment experts to discuss how their organizations are taking advantage of opportunities to advance value-based care for patients by investing in healthcare technology.

Panelists contributed their thoughts on a variety of topics impacting digital health investment, including the industry barriers to adoption of healthcare technology.  Here are some of the key takeaways for the more than 50 professionals who attended in-person and via Zoom.

  • The digital health adoption curve impacts providers, consumers, and technology developers.
  • Digital health is not just about making consumers comfortable with technology; it is sometimes harder to get physicians comfortable with delivering care via telehealth.
  • Payers in the insurance industry must be on board to provide similar reimbursement rates for telehealth adoption to reach critical mass.
  • Regulation hurdles must be removed or overcome to allow for new healthcare technologies to be implemented at scale.
  • Healthcare is lagging behind most other industries in terms of Consumerism, especially with regards to personalization and providers knowing their customer.

The event celebrated National Hospital Week and featured experts in healthcare technology:

  • Scott Arnold, CIO of Tampa General Hospital
  • Rachel Feinman, VP of TGH Innoventures
  • Bryan Crino, President of Ggp & CO Healthcare Acquisition Company
  • Randy Parker, Founder and CEO of GeniusRx
  • David Medvedeff, CEO of Aspen RxHealth.

The event featured an engaging conversation about recent developments in healthcare technology investing. Executives answered questions about the definition of digital health, the effects of COVID-19 on healthcare technology adoption, and what technologies will make the biggest impacts to patients and providers from digital health investment.

Attendees were treated to a variety of insightful questions and comments, including: 

“Covid-19 did not just push the digital door-front open, it kicked it open by force.”
“There is tremendous opportunity for an intermediary placer in this [wearables] space.”
“Covid-19 created a digital health pandemonium. Telehealth is here to stay.”
“The technologies that win are the ones that keep workloads off physicians so they can spend more time with patients.”

Discussions also focused on:

  1. What health technologies do you think will make the biggest impact now and in the future for both patients and providers?
  2. How can data collected from consumer wearables be integrated into the health experience?
  3. Do you think regulation will change to allow physicians to serve patients in other states without a license in those states to help adoption of digital health nationwide?

To see the many engaging conversations from the entire event, watch it here: https://www.Goldenglobalpro.ltd/investing-in-digital-health-5-14-2021/

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